Bay Welsh Section A Filly born 2017                              

A fan of Ballerina✧s sire, Cwmhendy Buster, I had been to Gareth Parry✧s place a few times over the years waiting for the ✧right✧ filly. When Ballerina floated across the field I knew she was the one.
Ballerina has already been shown in UK for championships and will eventually be imported in foal

Penual Mark
Tafarnaubach Sion
Tafarnaubach Sue
Sire:Cwmhendy Buster
Pontgam Supreme
Pontgam Bianca
Llwynan Bethan

Cwmhendy Buster
Brynrodyn Bonheddwr (imp UK)
Bethel Catrin
Dam:Bethel Boneddiges
Bethel Llywelyn
Bethel Popi
Goran Feebee