Grey Welsh Section A Filly born 2019                               

A fan of Ballerina's sire, Cwmhendy Buster, I usually visit Brynrodyn Stud when in the UK. Not really looking for another pony, I fell in love with this filly as a foal and was lucky enough to be able to buy her. I was hoping that she would have the opportunity to be shown as a yearling but covid-19 seems to have put a stop to this.


                                                                                Penual Mark
                                        Tafarnaubach Sion
                                                                                Tafarnaubach Sue
Sire: Cwmhendy Buster
                                                                                Pontgam Supreme
                                        Pontgam Bianca
                                                                                Llwynan Bethan

                                                                                Skellorn Rhythm
                                        Skellorn Daylight
                                                                                Skellorn Twilight
Dam: Crumpwell Serena
                                                                                Ala Squire
                                        Eugrad Sws
                                                                                Graigifan Sweet