Grey (born Palomino) Welsh Section A Mare 1985-2001

                                                                                               photos Gary Jameson

Cui Mi'Lord
Cantref Glory
Criban Glory Bee
Sire:Waxwing Herod (imp)
Revel Chip
Revel Hetty
Revel Hipip

Clan Pip
Revel Pye (imp)
Revel Pinup
Dam:Imperial Nerin
Weston Sport
Imperial Nia (iid)
Cyffylliog Nia Wen (imp)

I first saw Nerina as a yearling filly winning at the Victorian All Welsh Show and fell in love. She was out of my price range and was purchased by the late Greg Higgins. I continued to admire Nerina and would always gravitate to her in Greg's paddock of beautiful Section A mares. When the Victorian grass became too much for her she came home to me at the beginning of 1994. Nerina had bred three colts for Greg before losing her foal in 1993. She subsequently aborted her 1994 foal and lost her 1995 foal with a presentation so bad that it took two Vets over an hour to extract it. She was not served in 1995 but then proceded to have another four foals in a row without incident before developing Cushings Disease.
Progeny for Woranora Stud

15/10/97Woranora NimbusCremello colt by Menai Silver Sand (imp)
7/10/98            Woranora Napoleon       Bay colt by Twyford Negus (imp)
17/9/99            Woranora Nerida           Grey filly by Weston Platinum
22/10/00          Woranora Nadia             Bay filly by Woranora Mosaic
Woranora Nerida
photo K Harris, The Land
Woranora Nadia
photo J Allen

Woranora Napoleon