Grey (born Bay) Welsh Section A Colt born 2017


The pony I had no intention of buying! Passport was not what I was looking for but after seeing him on his dam I couldn✧t get him out of my mind.
He will line breed for me with a few very desirable outcrosses and I look forward to eventually importing him after he has had a show career and been fertility tested.
Passport has commenced his UK show career with success already being awarded a WPCS medal
              Cantref Glory
Waxwing Victory
Waxwing Hannah
Sire:Thistledown Special Agent
Maestir Vallient
Thistledown Xtra Special
Sunwilllow Xtra

Synod Captain
Fronbach Cassino
Wilcrick Ceinwen
Dam:Waxwing Pastille
Roseisle Pandytudor
Cevara Pan Drop
Synod Poplin