Chestnut Welsh Section A Filly born 2019



                                                                Cwmhendy Buster
                            Weston Distinction
                                                                Weston Lady Lace
Sire: Ceulan Masterclass (imp UK)
                                                                Twyford Sprig
                            Ceulan Mariah
                                                                Newpriory Mirabelle

                                                                Three-B Barrog
                            Three-B Mandys Boy
                                                                Three-B Mandy
Dam: Three-B Supergirl (imp NZ)
                                                                Three-B Barrog
                            Three-B Best Girl
                                                                Three-B Mandy

Only the second filly Supergirl has had, this filly is
typical of the quality of foal she has given me.
A lovely big filly, she will be retained