Locating Places in Australia
Snowdon Vale Stud - Welsh A &  Arabian Riding Ponies
Marconi Stud - Welsh B & Part Welsh
Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Australia
Horses' Warehouse - for rugs that fit ponies
ESH - Show Horse News & Accessories
Kenda Park Stud - Welsh A, C & D

Rathowen Stud - Riding Ponies, Part  Welsh , Arabian Riding Ponies

Lorelle Mercer Photography
Welsh Pony & Cob Society (UK)
Wyatt Park Stud - Dilute ponies
EABS - Equine Artificial Breeding Services
Agnes Banks Equine Clinic
Thorne Park Stud - Riding Ponies & Part Welsh
Sarahn Stud - Coloured Arabian Derivatives & Welsh
Buckskin Horse Association NSW 

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Woranora Stud
Stenbury Park Stud - Welsh A
Jejucha Stud - Welsh A
Lonely Oak Stud - Riding Ponies, Welsh B & Part Welsh
Welsh Ponies NSW Information Site
Supreme Horsewear - for rugs & accessories that                                                              fit ponies
Tasmanian Welsh Information Site
Cardwell Park Stud- Welsh B & Part Welsh & Riding Pony
Richdale Stud - Welsh A & B, Arabians & Thoroughbreds
Canterbury Park Stud - Coloured & Miniature Ponies
Atchina Stud - Arabian, Welsh & Coloured
Roan Horse & Pony Soc of Australia
Glendale Stud (NZ) - Welsh B
Welsh Cob Shop (UK) - for all Welsh showng                                  accessories (halters, whips etc)
                              mail order to Australia
Kenwood Stud - quality Welsh B ponies in the Netherlands

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