Grey (born Bay) Welsh Section B Filly born 2005-2020

Christiana had an extrememly difficult start to life. Following a quick and easy birth it soon became apparent that all was not well and by the time she and her mother arrived at the Vet Clinic she was having major fits. She spent the first four weeks of her life at the Vet Clinic and even then we were unsure whether she would survive. Christiana is now a healthy mare with some strange habits due to her unusual upbringing. She never drank from her mother and considers people much more important that her equine paddock pals.

Christiana finally attended her first show, the NSW All Welsh Show in Octover 2011, and we were thrilled when she was awarded 3rd in a very strong class behind the Champion & Reserve Champion mare. She has only been very lightly shown but was awarded Supreme Section B and Supreme Welsh In Hand exhibit at her third show, the 2012 Stud Horse & Pony Show and Reserve Champion Mare 2014 Sydney Royal

Varndell Right Royal
Boston Bittermint (imp)
Boston Bodecia
Sire:Imperial Falcon
Weston Chilo (imp)
Bryncyn Ffansi (iid)
Weston Fair Maid (imp)

Kirreway Play-Fair
Weston Cotton Wood
Weston Choice (imp)
Dam:Trentlyn Marie Christine
Weston Olympian (imp)
Weston Marie-Louise
Weston Mary Ann (imp)