Bay Welsh Section A Mare born 1986

I purchased Peggy as an unshown yearling out of the paddock after search for a filly by Coed Coch Gwyndaf and out of the Penllyn Carina family.    Being a very slow maturer she was not particularly successful in the showring as a young filly. Her first major win was Reserve Champion Mare at Sydney Royal and she followed that the next year with Supreme Champion Welsh Mountain Pony. She was then successfully shown for major wins including All Welsh Shows and Royal Supremes in three states.

Peggy has proved to be an outstanding broodmare whose progeny have been consistently successful at Royal and All Welsh Show level and have also bred on well in their own right.

Four fillies out of Peggy have been retained, Pandora, Pollyanna,  Prima Donna & Peony.

13/9/92Woranora SandalwoodBuckskin gelding by Menai Silver Sand (imp)
11/10/95        Woranora Sandman     Buckskin gelding by Menai Silver Sand (imp)
16/11/96        Woranora Pandora                 Bay filly by Menai SilverSand (imp)
1/11/97          Woranora Pegasus                Bay gelding by Menai Silver Sand (imp)
20/10/98        Woranora Prediction              Bay Brown gelding by Twyford Negus (imp)
5/10/99          Woranora Phantom      Grey gelding by Weston Platinum
5/11/00          Woranora Pageant                 Bay colt by Woranora Mosaic
23/10/01        Woranora Pollyanna              Buckskin filly by Woranora Nimbus
20/10/02        Woranora Peacetime            Buckskin filly by Woranora Nimbus
6/11/03          Woranora Piccolo                   Bay gelding by Woranora Mosaic
29/11/04        Woranora Piaf                         Brown filly by Woranora Mosaic
26/11/05        Woranora Prima Donna        Bay filly by Imperial Mendel
25/11/2006   Woranora Priscilla                 Buckskin filly by Woranora Tempest
21/11/2007   Woranora Party Girl                Buckskin filly by Woranora Tempest 
15/11/2008   Woranora Peony                    Buckskin filly by Woranora Tempest
15/11/2009   Woranora Phoenix                Buckskin Roan colt by Imperial Behold
Woranora Pegasus
photo Jenny Jerrard
Woranora Pageant
photo Lorelle Mercer
photo G Jameson
Coed Coch Salsbri
Coed Coch Saled
Coed Coch Swyn
Sire:Coed Coch Gwyndaf (imp)
Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Glenda
Coed Coch Sibrwd

Clan Pip
Penllyn Tricorn
Penllyn Tania
Dam:Stanton Park Tamsyn (iid)
Twyford Sprig
Penllyn Carina (imp)
Penllyn Cinnamon
Woranora Priscilla
Woranora Party Girl (above as foal & below at 11 months)
                           photo below Sally Turner
January 2009 age 22yrs - photo L Mercer