2020  Foals
Woranora Stud
Most foals are sold while still on the mares and are available for delivery upon weaning (4-6 months). All foals are vaccinated for tetanus, microchipped and branded, regularly wormed and have their feet trimmed. Foals are handled from birth as we find it easier to manage them this way. As we are on small acreage most foals are available for sale with the only ones retained being out of mares that I do not have a replacement for. All foals are entered in the Welsh Futurity which is transferable interstate.

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6 Section A and 1 Section B foals were due in 2020

Section A     WORANORA SIERRA had a bay colt by CEULAN MASTERCLASS (imp UK) on 2/9/2020 - WORANORA SAHARA
                        This is a full sibling to Woranora Savanna                                                                                                                            Retained

Section A    WORANORA PRIMA DONNA had a chestnut filly by CEULAN MASTERCLASS (imp UK) on 17/9/2020 - WORANORA PARASOL

                                                                                                                                                                                               sold to Melissa Blaikie & Robyn McVeagh

Section A     WORANORA NARA had a heterozygous palomino roan colt by IMPERIAL BEHOLD on 5/10/2020            WORANORA NIMROD
                        This is a full brother to to Woranora Nobleman                                                                                                            Retained

Section A     THREE-B SUPERGIRL (imp NZ) had a brown turning grey filly by CEULAN MASTERCLASS (imp UK) on 16/10/2020     WORANORA SUELLEN
                         This is a full sister to to Woranora Susanna                                                                                            May be for sale to the right home

Section A    WORANORA NESTA had a buckskin colt by CEULAN MASTERCLASS (imp UK) on 17/10/2020                        WORANORA NOUGAT
                        This is a full brother to Woranora Natalie                                                                                             sold to Donna McConnell & Tenielle Ubank

Section B     WORANORA CONTESSA had a palomino turning grey filly by CADLANVALLEY BUZBY (UK) on 18/10/2020               WORANORA CAMEO

Section A     WORANORA TIA had a dark burnt buckskin colt by CEULAN MASTERCLASS (imp UK) on 1/11/2020                          WORANORA TUSCANY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    sold to Sarah Barrie