Brown Welsh Section A Mare 1982-2002

Myfanwy (aka Coco) came to me in 1989 to join my Gwyndaf mare collection. A particularly quiet and sweet natured mare, she found the show ring completely uninspiring and felt it was a good place for a sleep. In desperation I eventually resorted to the NSW All Welsh with a very young foal at foot. She must have looked more awake to the judge than she appeared to me as she was awarded Champion Section A Mare. She was retired at that point.Coco was an outstanding broodmare as can be seen by the amount of descendants remaining in the stud and her foals in turn have bred on exceptionally well. Fortunately her descendants have a better attitude to the showring than she.

5/11/90         Woranora TiffanyPalomino filly by Menai Silver Sand (imp)
11/11/91       Woranora Colwyn        Bay colt by Coed Coch Gwyndaf (imp)
19/9/93         Woranora Maestro       Bay colt by Menai Silver Sand (imp)
11/11/94       Woranora Memento    Brown filly by Menai Silver Sand (imp)
2/11/95         Woranora Maverick      Chestnut colt by Menai Silver Sand (imp)
21/11/96       Woranora Mari              Chestnut filly by Menai Silver Sand (imp)
14/12/97       Woranora Mosaic         Bay Brown colt by Menai Silver Sand (imp)
26/12/98       Woranora Melody         Black filly by Twyford Negus (imp)
27/10/00       Woranora Mascot         Buckskin colt by Woranora Nimbus
20/11/01       Woranora Megan        Burnt Buckskin filly by Woranora Nimbus

Coed Coch Salsbri
Coed Coch Saled
Coed Coch Swyn
Sire:Coed Coch Gwyndaf (imp)
Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Glenda
Coed Coch Sibrwd

Coed Coch Shon
Coed Coch Barrog
Coed Coch Sibrwd
Dam:Coed Coch Rhadol (imp)
Coed Coch Saled
Coed Coch Tarian
Coed Coch Mari