6 Section B foals were born in 2007

Keyi Chiquita had a palomino roan filly born 7/9/07 by Bamborough Paramount

         Woranora Chiquita

           - sold to Kerrilyn Papworth, Kurrajong, NSW

Woranora Crystal had a black buckskin-grey filly born 9/9/07 by Bamborough Paramount

        Woranora Sapphire

          - sold to Sally Larkin, Victoria

Woranora Gem had a chestnut colt born 14/10/07 by Bamborough Paramount          

        Woranora Georgio

          - sold to Rebecca Moyes, Kurrajong, NSW

Woranora Pirouette had a palomino filly born 19/10/07 by Bamborough Paramount

             Woranora Picture
   to be retained

Woranora Gift had a chestnut filly born 28/10/07 by Bamborough Paramount           

          Woranora Gemini

                          - sold to Jo & Jade O'Brien, WA

Lonely Oak Holly's Ffansi had a palomino filly born 28/11/07 by Woranora Tempest  

              Woranora Fine Design                                                               
                           - sold to Fiona House, Box Hill, NSW



2007 Section B Foals
Woranora Stud

photos Lorelle Mercer
photos Lorelle Mercer
photo below Lorelle Mercer
photos below & centre Lorelle Mercer
photos Lorelle Mercer
All of the 2007 foals have been sold to fabulous homes and expessions of interest are now being taken for the 2008 foals which will be due mid September - December 2008. There are 7Section A foals due in 2008. Due to Equine Influenza, there are no Section B foals due in 2008. The Section B mares will be served September-October 2008 for 2009 foals.